Industrial Technology

Sonn - your system provider for all industrial technology areas

Our employees are industrial installation specialists. We offer you expertise with planning, calculating and implementing your complex industrial technology requirements. The quality of our systems starts with detailed planning.

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Sona Low-Voltage Power Distribution

SONN low-voltage switchgear systems are tailored to your requirements and individually planned.

As switchgear system manufacturers, we support and advise our clients from the planning stage through to the final production of low-voltage switchgear systems.

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Process Control Engineering / Industrial Automation Smart Work

As a systems supplier, we supply the overall expertise

We support our clients from the idea for a system through the design of the control system to programming the automated system and the system-specific modules.

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Building Automation Smart Home

When selecting a system, Sonn Building Automation observes impartiality toward its clients.

We’ll provide you with the components and systems that best meet your needs, irrespective of the manufacturer.

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Medium-voltage technology

We lead power to its destination safely.

As a system provider, our range of services extends beyond low-voltage to 1000V and above. We plan and deliver medium-voltage systems, transformer stations and substations or power stations up to 35 KV.

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Network construction and lighting systems

SONN takes care of your network expansion

As a system provider, we work with power supply companies, local authorities, industrial and commercial enterprises to construct middle and low voltage systems in overhead lines as well as pipelines.

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Rental transformer stations

Our transformer stations are rented following adjustment and testing based on the requirements of the client or grid operator.

We take care of the technical clarification of the grid operator (DNO) specifications, documentation, and shipping the MV-converter, development and testing, as well as delivery and installation of the rental transformer station using our own heavy-duty vehicles.

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Transformer mart

Database with current inventory of new and used transformers

Here you’ll find our current stock of new, used and reconditioned transformers. Different types: Oil- immersed transformers, cast resin transformers and dry type transformers

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Custom installations and power modules

SONN offers its clients an extensive range of services in the special plants and container module construction areas.

Our highly qualified and motivated staff develop, design and manufacture turnkey projects for clients.

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Hire power rental service

Changing renting together with "hirepower" from Sonn

As an innovative, creative system service provider, we’ve bundled together our complex rental services under the “hirepower” label. Our extensive rental offer makes us the point of contact for construction sites as well as major events

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Responsible handling of "our" natural resources is important to the SONN Group.

We want to set an example for future generations. That’s why the issue of sustainability, ecology and alternative energies is very important for our operations.

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Testing and measurement services safety check

Sonn testing and measuring technology Safety based on experience and competence

For us, safety means helping our clients to comply with the provisions of the German Workplace Safety Ordinance.

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Sonn electrotechnic GmbH

Safely connection energy since 1921.

The SONN GROUP has two divisions: energy and electrical engineering. It is therefore a one stop provider for power and energy supplies and electrical installations. We deliver everything from a single source. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SONN ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH plans, installs and maintains the energy supply to industrial plants and power supply companies. SONN ENERGIE GmbH provides mobile technology and a wide range of rental equipment to supply power for building sites and events. The SONN GROUP is a fourth generation, medium-sized family-run company.

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Hirepower Mietservice
Hirepower Mietservice
Mit „hirepower“ von SONN gemeinsam Mieten verändern

Als innovativer, kreativer Systemdienstleister haben wir unter dem Label „hirepower“ unsere komplexen Mietleistungen gebündelt. Mit unserem vielfältigen Mietangebot, sind wir der Ansprechpartner für Baustellen sowie für Großveranstaltungen

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Wir von Sonn Elekrotechnik haben uns auf bestimmte Bereichen spezialsiert.

Um Innovativ und am Puls der Zeit zu bleiben, bilden wir uns ständig weiter. Hier finden Sie ein kleinen Teil unsere Schwerpunkte.

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Sonn App

The SONN app offers specialists and experts a mobile possibility to make a pre-selection for transformer fuses on the go and promptly. The HH calculator can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStores. Read more ...