Testing and measurement services safety check

Testing and measurement services safety check

Testing and measurement services safety check

SONN testing and measuring technology guarantees safety due to experience and competence
SONN delivers “maximum safety”

For us, safety means helping our clients to comply with the provisions of the German Workplace Safety Ordinance. As described in the DGVU regulation 1 (BGVA1) “Principles of prevention”, all employers are required to provide safe working conditions for their employees. This applies to industrial and service industries, public or medical facilities. We perform all required inspections in a professional manner using calibrated measuring instruments. Our instruments are subject to an ISO certified monitoring and calibration management system. To ensure legal certainty for our clients, our documents are only created with software from reputable manufacturers such as “Gossen Metrawatt” and Mebedo Elektromanager”. It is only through this monitoring that the measuring results can help to anticipate necessary maintenance measures and prevent damage to people and facilities. This is what prevention means to SONN.

Take advantage of SONN’s expertise over 90 years. Come over to the safe side. We’ll conduct all inspections that have to be carried out regularly in compliance with DGUV provision 3 (former BGV A3), BetrSichV, TRBS (German Health and Operational Safety regulations) and DIN VDE. In this way we help our clients to ensure operating safety and related insurance cover.

SONN testing services according to BGVA 3:

Mobile work equipment (according to DIN VDE0701/0702) EN 60974-4
Test equipment “Gossen Secutest”
EDP, drilling machines, vacuum cleaners etc.

Stationary machines and equipment (according to DIN VDE 0113) EN60204
Test equipment “Gossen Metramaschine204
Packaging machines, conveyor belts, etc.

Building installation (in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 T600) EN 60364.6
Test equipment Gossen Profitest Mtech, Chauvin Arnoux CA 6114
Outlet circuit, Lighting equipment, etc.

SONN measuring services go beyond BGV A3. We conduct thermographic analyses in electrical systems to locate errors at an early stage and thus prevent or minimize consequential damage. Our thermographic reports enable us to quickly and safely detect existing defects (e.g. loose terminal points) and thus prevent impending fire hazards so that our clients can implement the appropriate repairs in a timely manner and avoid expensive downtime.

  • Fluke TI35 (in accordance with DIN guidelines 54162/EN473/54190/54191)
  • Testo 822-2

SONN safety goes beyond thermographic analysis in low voltage networks. Our network analysis – Technicians check the network quality at our clients’ facilities. The continuous rise of power electronics in devices and systems in all areas of electricity consumption means that the technical parameters of the electricity distribution networks are also constantly increasing. To prevent flicker, shimmering and errors in electrical appliances, faults in EDP systems or industrial systems, trust our modern measurement technology. We identify and eliminate irregularities and problems in your power systems. We measure and analyse with Fluke 345, Metrel Mi 2292 (DIN EN 50160, DIN VDE 0160, DIN En 61000) the voltage, power, P, Q, S services, as well as harmonics, flicker and frequency

To ensure our clients have safe, high-performance network cabling, when the TIA-568A and IS 1801 cable standards were published in 1995, SONN was already measuring and documenting cable and fibre-optic networks. Based on the changing cable standards for structured cabling systems from Cat 5 to Cat5e, the Cat 6 installations the Sonn testing and measurement process for network cable testing and fault analysis have also been certified for its clients. Using the Fluke ProjX management system, Sonn tasks can be handled properly and progress tracked from setup through to system acceptance. Sonn safety check during fibre optic testing both OTDR and OLTS and WI-FI analysis and Ethernet diagnostics possible.

SONN testing services for network cabling:

  • Fluke DTX 1800
  • Fluke DSX-5000 Versiv
  • Cable Analyser increases the efficiency of copper certification when testing Cat6A and ClassFA. While also meeting the stringent requirements for accuracy in accordance with IEC Level V.
  • Intertek(ETL) certifies in accordance with IEC 61935-1 – Accuracy level IV specification
  • ANSI/TIA-1152 Stage IIIe specification

Also in the > 1000 V area, i.e. medium voltage, Sonn is your competent partner. We offer tailor-made measurement and testing activities for medium-voltage systems such as substations, MS switchgear systems, transformers and underground cable networks.

We opted for test equipment from Baur. With these diagnostic tools, we can evaluate the condition of a cable and allow optimised, anticipatory maintenance planning. Thus minimizing downtime. With the Baur trusinus digital technology for the production of VLF (very low frequency, 0.1 Hz) high-voltage we can perform very careful standardised testing and diagnosis of modern medium-voltage cables.

  • Baur violaTD
  • Testing of electrical apparatus and medium voltage cables up to 60000V
  • Maximum test voltage 42.5 kVeff/60kVpeak
  • Cable testing in accordance with DIN VDE 0276-620/621, IEEE400.2
  • Cable sheath testing in accordance with IEC 60502/IEC 60229

Sonn services for cabling

To help our clients improve the security of their supply chain and minimise downtime, we have decided to expand the scope of our testing and measurement services.

Our new cable testing vans have all the necessary equipment for detecting, testing, measuring and diagnosing cable faults, as well as facilities for the diagnosis of cable systems prior to commissioning or re-commissioning new plants, plant modifications or following repairs.

This investment is an important part of the quality control prior to commissioning and ensures interference-free network operation.

We support our clients with fault finding and troubleshooting or diagnosis of their cables in the areas of:

  • Medium-voltage networks
  • Low-voltage networks
  • Street lighting
  • Data transfer control cables

The results of tests are documented and presented to our clients, and the cable route can then be safely used in operation.

Areas of application:

  • EVU – networks
  • Photovoltaic – major installations
  • Wind parks
  • Private energy networks
  • Industrial energy networks

For optimum and safe quality, all systems and special systems are extensively tested and checked in the Sonn laboratory. We have incorporated all areas of the Sonn safety check in our test laboratory. We can check special installations with a length of up to 20 m and a weight of 40 t. under real conditions prior to delivery to our clients. We provide one hundred percent safety

  • System test with rated operating current
  • Heating test
  • Voltage test according to DIN VDE 0113
  • EMV-Testing
  • Thermography
  • Operating voltage up to 35000V AC voltage
  • Network analysis
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