Sona Type V Rhino

Sona Type V Rhino

Sona type “V” – Active arc fault extinguishing system
SONN System “Rhino”: extremely tough but relaxed when there is an ‘arc fault’

To protect power plant operators from major damage to people, plants and buildings due to the effects of arc faults, SONN uses the ABB UFES active arc fault extinguishing systems in SONN “Vamocon” type low-voltage distributors. This means that SONN guarantees comprehensive system function protection in compliance with criteria 1 to 7 of DIN EN 60439-1 Supplement 2. Continuous monitoring by light sensors and current transformers means the arc fault is detected and grounded in less than 3 ms by a three-phase short-circuit unit. The arc fault is extinguished immediately and the resulting short-circuit current is cut off in proper time by the incoming feeder circuit breaker. Once the extinguishing unit is replaced or disconnected, the system is fully operational again within a short time. Thus minimizing downtime.


The active arc fault protection system ABB UFES in Sona – Low Voltage Type “Vamocon” was tested for compliance with DIN EN 60439-1 Supplement 2, with proven values of 100 kA over 300 ms at 690 V and meets all the criteria for personnel and plant protection and limited continued operation.

The use of bulkheads and field-to – field barriers limits the effects of an arc fault to the respective area where it originates. The effectiveness of this solution was proved to be successful during testing in Sona Vamocon low voltage systems up to 70 kA over 300 ms at 725 V in terms of personnel and equipment protection in accordance with DIN EN 60439-1 Supplement 2 (criteria 1 to 6).

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