Network construction and lighting systems

Network construction and lighting systems

SONN takes care of your network expansion. As a system provider, we work with power supply companies, local authorities, industrial and commercial enterprises to construct middle and low voltage systems in overhead lines as well as pipelines.

We provide all the services that require an economic and secure electrical energy supply. SONN also takes care of the planning and design: from calculating lighting systems to planning the cable routes and power supply lines. The range of services for network construction goes beyond cabling, house connection, exchange of cable distributors or maintenance work on LV and MV networks: We work with our clients to implement future-oriented solutions to modernise their systems. In order to protect natural resources in a sustainable manner, we attach importance to the detailed planning of lighting systems. All SONN projects are planned and evaluated using 3-D software – regardless of whether it is street lighting, car park lighting, station lighting systems, object illumination or accent lighting.


This means we can guarantee that SONN lighting systems offer optimum lighting quality and low energy consumption. The lighting calculation makes it possible to design and plan the appropriate lighting fixtures regardless of their manufacturer. When calculating profitability that top quality optimal components and systems are included in the planning and later installed, regardless of whether it is LED technology or comparable modern lamps,

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