Responsible handling of “our” natural resources is important to the SONN Group. We want to set an example for future generations. That’s why the issue of sustainability, ecology and alternative energies is very important for our operations. We attach importance to conserving resources in the course of our business activities. This includes detailed and responsible planning in all areas of electrical engineering.

We supply our clients timely and tailor-made service packages for electro-technical building equipment. The highly trained staff of the SONN Group work with the latest, cutting edge technologies. Our big plus is the exceptional quality of service that we offer – we are convinced of that. When selecting a system, Sonn Engineering observes impartiality toward its clients. We’ll provide you with the components and systems that best meet your needs, irrespective of the manufacturer.

As a budgeting, advisory and service-oriented enterprise, the planning and implementation of highly efficient equipment is part of our mission statement. Who can schedule better than a company that has combined the highest standards of quality and workmanship with future-oriented engineering capabilities since 1921? We manage your projects from the outset: during the planning, design, cost estimation, design, technical clarification and execution and commissioning.

Services in the field of engineering:

  • Preparation of tenders
  • Lighting calculations
  • Operational start-up
  • Basic planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Project monitoring
  • All planning performed with CAD
  • Reporting
  • Assessments
  • Documentation
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